Interview with Mixed Signal

the four members of the band Mixed Signal sitting on a beach

Join us for Daily Entertainment at SandBar Tiki & Grille 

At SandBar Tiki & Grille we love to entertain, whether it’s cold drinks overlooking the dock or dancing in the sand to your favorite bands, SandBar is the place to be! Everyday we host live music and on Saturday and Sunday’s twice a day. 

Meet one of our bands that we can’t get enough of, Mixed Signal!

1.) Welcome to SandBar Tiki & Grille, was this your first time playing at our venue?

No, our band has been playing at Sandbar for quite some time now. Probably 5 years including the New Year’s Eve event.

2.) What was your favorite part of performing at Sandbar Tiki & Grille?

My favorite part of performing at Sandbar is definitely the atmosphere. It’s always a good time. 

3.) How did the band form and how long have you been playing together?

The band was slowly put together piece by piece by myself. We have now been together almost 6 years. 

4.) You guys know how to really rock the house! Who or what bands do you all consider as your musical inspirations?

We try to keep a variety of music for all demographics but some of our inspirations would be some female country artists, bands like Van Halen, rock legends like Heart and Joan Jett. 

5.) Are you currently on tour and if so, where can fans see you next? 

We are not on tour but play venues all around Florida. 

6.) If someone has never seen your show, what should they expect?

They should expect to have a good time and dance all night. 

7.) One more question! What is your favorite menu item, drink or food, that we serve that you can’t leave without having?

Sesame Ahi Tuna Tacos


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