Meet One of Our Lead Chefs at Lock ‘N Key, Ashley Esposito!

We asked Ashley to take a couple minutes out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her love for food, what she loves most about making delicious cuisines at Lock N Key and what we can expect from her in the future.

Executive Chef, Ashley Esposito holding a plate of food

1.) Where did you get your love for cooking?

A.E.: I got my love for cooking from my family. We are a family full of cooks. I have that fiery Italian passion on my dads side and that Cuban spice on my moms side.

2.) What does a normal day at Lock ‘N Key look like for you?

A.E.: A normal day at the lock for me looks like getting us all ready for the day. Prepping, stocking and making sure we all have great attitudes and are ready to work together to bring the customer the best experience.

3.) What has been your favorite part about being a chef?

A.E.: My favorite part of being a chef is creating dishes for our wonderful community. Making all my dishes with lots of love and flavor, hoping the customer can taste in every bite.

Ashley Esposito preparing small appetizers
Ashley Esposito cooking

4.) What advice would you give someone who wants to become a Lead Chef?

A.E.: My advice to someone who is looking to become [a lead] chef is to learn every aspect of the kitchen. Whether that’s prepping meats and veggies or washing dishes and sweeping the floor. A good chef will be able to jump in and handle any situation thrown at them. Never stop learning.

5.) What is your favorite dish to create at Lock ‘N Key right now?

A.E.: My favorite dish to create at the Lock N Key at the moment is “The Esposito Sandwich”. It means so much to me to have my name on something at the place i love to work.

6.) When you’re not in the kitchen, where could we find you?

When I am not in the Lock ‘N Key kitchen you can find me in my kitchen at home. Cooking never stops for me. I cook for my friends, my family and my community. Besides this, you can always find me spending time with my true loves. My hunny Brandon and my three fur babies. Donna Jo, Forrest and Milo. Also, when I am not at work I dedicate my time to rescuing/fostering animals.

Ashley Esposito at her home grilling burgers

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us and we look forward to more delicious cuisines at Lock N Key! 

To make a reservation and devour Ashley’s menu at Lock ‘N Key in Englewood, FL, call (941) 474-1517 !


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