Meet Our Bartender at Lock N’ Key, Dalton Godjikian!

At Lock ‘N Key, we believe in making your hours truly happy. What’s a better way to do that than bringing you the excitement of pull tabs. Make the best of our Happy Hour specials and who knows, with our pull tabs, you might even end up being the lucky winner!

Dalton Godjikian at the bar at Lock N Key in Englewood FL

1.) How long have you worked at Lock ‘N Key?

D.G.: 6 years

2.) What makes the pull tabs at happy hour so special?

D.G.: Who would have thought drinking and gambling went so well together!

3.) What can you expect while visiting Lock ‘N Key during Happy Hour?

D.G.: Fun, good drinks, and one of us joking with you or at you!

4.) What’s your favorite drink to make?

D.G.: I’m a straight chilled tequila type of man but also our Lock ‘N Key Mai Tai.

5.) What’s the funniest thing you’ve encountered behind the bar?

D.G.: I don’t think I could ever pin the funniest thing ever to a specific moment working behind the bar at Lock ‘N Key. We have funny moments constantly from small to quite possibly inappropriate. It’s something you can only truly understand by coming into the bar and experiencing it for yourself. Hope to see you soon!

bartender Dalton Godjikian mixing a drink

Dalton and our other awesome bartenders and staff will be looking forward to meeting you at Lock ‘N Key’s next Happy Hour, daily at the bar from 11am-6pm. Be sure to check out our Drink Menu to see our fabulous selection of beer, wine, and cocktails!


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